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Dell EqualLogic CLI Undocumented Support Commands

Recently I have done a couple of posts on the EqualLogic CLI, updating firmware and collecting log informaiton.  Well in my travels I came across the fact that EqualLogic is NetBSD underneath the pretty exterior, with this in mind I started doing a little digging around with the mentality that there must be some information you can extract form your EqualLogic using standard NetBSD commands, afterall it is just a BASH shell!

take a look over here at what I found - Undocumented EqualLogic CLI commands

Please be mindful that entering the support layer of an EqualLogic is not supported in a normal situation by EqualLogic as stated in the message you will recieve upon entering.

"You are running a support command, which is normally restricted to PS Series Technical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from Technical Support."

I would only recommend using the support command in a test/development environment or unless you really know what you are doing.


EqualLogic PS Series Array – Gathering Diagnostic Logs using CLI

When calling EqualLogic Technical support with any isue's (as in my recent case a failed disk), you will more than likely be asked to gather diagnostic logs from the array and send them across for further investigation.  This is normally the process before any parts are dispatched.  In anticipation of this I generally gather the diagnostic log files in the form of .dgo from the EqualLogic I am having an issue with prior to calling.

There are a couple of different ways that log files can be generated,  using SANHQ (note this must be version 4.x or above) or via the command line interface.  The diagnostic process gathers internal state and configuration data from the array, encodes the data and then segments this data for transmission, the files are formatted "Seg_1.dgo - Seg_2.dgo" etc.  At this point I think it is important to point out that the log file data does not include any user data, from the volumes nor the cache or any Group account passwords or access information.


EqualLogic PS Series Firmware update using the CLI

After our EqualLogic PS6000 decided to go into a NetBSD Kernel Panic (crash) while performing a firmware update from version 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 using the Group Manager GUI, resulting in a firmware mismatch on our controllers, As advised by EqualLogic Tech support I performed another update to FW 5.1.2 using the CLI, with success.

Using the CLI has its advantages, altough the process is a little more involved, ie copying the firmware to the array member using FTP then SHH to the member to execute the update, you do get to see what happens during a firmware update in more detail.

Here is the process of performing a Firmware update using the CLI.

I will be using winscp to copy the firmware TGZ file to the group member, winscp can be downloaded here, and PuTTY a free Telnet/SSH client which can be found here.

Firstly download the firmware from EqualLogic Support

Lets update the firmware.


EqualLogic Kernel Panic on a NetBSD Processor

After running EqualLogic for a couple of years now, I have never experienced any real issues with the boxes. Running what seems to be a customized version of NetBSD they have proven to be fast, and reliable systems.

I was performing what is now a routine Firmware update from version 5.1.1 to 5.1.2, I have already done this on a PS6000 we have setup for Replication with no issue what so ever, and left upgrading our production Array untill I was happy that the Replication Array was working fine with the new firmware. Satisfied I decided to update our production PS6000 to FW 5.1.2.  During the upgrade I recieved a Kernel Panic and subsequent Panic Recovery, looks like the controller crashed during the update this resulted in the iSCSI targets being unavailable for a couple of minutes, the controllers did not fail over and I now have a Firmware mismatch.


Dell PowerConnect 5500 Series EqualLogic config

After the purchase of another EqualLogic PS6000 Series Array and 4 Dell PowerConnect 5524 switches to facilite onsite replicaiton, we decided we needed to look at the iSCSI backend network and how we where going to transport the replication data across site.

The PowerConnect 5000 switch's come with some new features, such as stacking with the use of HDMI ports located on the front of the switch, and Auto detection of EqualLogic Arrays with automatic configuration of ports attached to the Array. Enabling iSCSI mode will switch on jumbo frames, flow control, spanning-tree port fast, unicast storm control and enable the switch to automatically detect an Equallogic Array connected to any of its switch ports. - NOTE there is an issue with the implementation of flow-control prior to Firmware version A02, Released on 10/25/2011 the issue as per the Firmware release notes are;

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