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EqualLogic PS Series Array – Gathering Diagnostic Logs using CLI

When calling EqualLogic Technical support with any isue's (as in my recent case a failed disk), you will more than likely be asked to gather diagnostic logs from the array and send them across for further investigation.  This is normally the process before any parts are dispatched.  In anticipation of this I generally gather the diagnostic log files in the form of .dgo from the EqualLogic I am having an issue with prior to calling.

There are a couple of different ways that log files can be generated,  using SANHQ (note this must be version 4.x or above) or via the command line interface.  The diagnostic process gathers internal state and configuration data from the array, encodes the data and then segments this data for transmission, the files are formatted "Seg_1.dgo - Seg_2.dgo" etc.  At this point I think it is important to point out that the log file data does not include any user data, from the volumes nor the cache or any Group account passwords or access information.

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