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Dell EqualLogic CLI Undocumented Support Commands

Recently I have done a couple of posts on the EqualLogic CLI, updating firmware and collecting log informaiton.  Well in my travels I came across the fact that EqualLogic is NetBSD underneath the pretty exterior, with this in mind I started doing a little digging around with the mentality that there must be some information you can extract form your EqualLogic using standard NetBSD commands, afterall it is just a BASH shell!

take a look over here at what I found - Undocumented EqualLogic CLI commands

Please be mindful that entering the support layer of an EqualLogic is not supported in a normal situation by EqualLogic as stated in the message you will recieve upon entering.

"You are running a support command, which is normally restricted to PS Series Technical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from Technical Support."

I would only recommend using the support command in a test/development environment or unless you really know what you are doing.

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